Prime Time

Prime Time w/ DEAN-O!





PTwD: LIVE on location.

Welcome to Dean-o’s creative “home base.” It’s a one-of-a-kind, weekly event for grades 3–5 called “Prime Time w/ Dean-o,” held at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, CA.

At this first-of-its-kind “BibleStudy-ConcertEvent,” Dean-o’s music and teaching blend with the talents of gifted volunteers, who top off energetic evenings with Bible memory, games and small groups. To top it off, the music portion of the evening is captured for the Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ Online Interactive Bible Adventure.


PTwD: The Bible with a Beat.

PTwD centers on key scriptures from a unique 3–year Bible study sequence born out of Dean-o’s PTwD formula:  Scripture. Story. Song. And Dean-o’s band is LIVE every week!

A blast for kids and a welcomed help for parents, PTwD is also filmed live for the Bible REPLAY Curriculum™, designed to bless Christian schools and families around the world with God’s Word in a groundbreaking Bible discovery Adventure. It’s quickly become the craze for 3rd—5th grade kids everywhere!


PTwD: God’s Word and Good Friends.

Dean-o’s custom curriculum centers on 12 key units: God’s Love, Son, Gift, Kingdom, Power, Word, Promises, Commands, Holiness, Peace, Example and Commission.

PTwD moves at the speed of sound – rolling in the action from team time to minute-2-win-it games, large-group Bible memory, small group scripture discussion, outdoor recreation and a 30-minute dose of energy-packed music and storytelling w/ Dean-o. It’s a blast from September to May of every year for 3rd—5th graders!