May 31, 2017

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May 31, 2017 - May 31, 2017

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THE YEAR 3 LAUNCH of the Bible REPLAY Curriculum™ hits schools in Southern, Central and Northern California with a 5% discount for schools who register with a deposit by April 30, 2017!
A new revolution for Christian Schools and Home Educators, the program combines the power of scripture, online learning and music to: 1) Enhance Christian Education with a new method of engagement & measurement, 2) Capture children with media-driven learning, and 3) Provide parents with practical home talking points!
THE BIBLE REPLAY CURRICULUM™ is a Classroom Curriculum, Online Adventure and Musical Encounter all in one—the first-ever 3-component Bible discovery adventure introduced to the Christian market. CLICK HERE to learn more about our groundbreaking, exciting curriculum!
ASK US ABOUT DETAILS on curriculum features and pricing for 2017-18. Contact Mike McAteer (“Mr. Mac”)—Dean-o’s National Manager/Promoter—by phone at our ministry headquarters at
(800) 368-0332, ext. 1
, or by email at We’re excited to partner with you
and your ministry in 2017 and beyond with the groundbreaking Bible REPLAY Curriculum™!

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