What We Do

Dean-o has performed and consulted in over 1,700 venues …

and has gained a wide range of experience that allows our ministry
to offer MANY programs that will inspire families and equip leaders.

So, ask yourself: what does your school or church ministry need?

Can a dynamic concert bring families together or help kick off an event? Does your children’s staff need new leadership training or ideas for the future? Can your volunteers use new tools to help them inspire kids?


  • FAMILY CONCERT CELEBRATIONS with Dean-o and the band.
  • STAFF CONSULTING for next generation evaluation, vision and ideas.
  • VOLUNTEER ENRICHMENT workshops for practical teaching tools.
  • WINTER AND SUMMER CAMP theme-based worship and teaching.
  • MORNING AND EVENING CHAPELS at Christian and Home Schools.
  • BIBLICAL PARENTING seminars to inspire & equip young families.
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL worship, teaching and closing concerts.
  • REGIONAL CRUSADE CONCERTS for multi-church, community events.
  • WEEKEND KIDS’ CHURCH guest for worship and teaching.
  • MID-WEEK KIDS’ PROGRAM guest for worship and teaching.

To inquire about booking an event:

Contact Dean-o’s National Management/Promotion team for
details on program options, fees, requirements and availability.
You may contact us by phone at our ministry headquarters at
(800) 368-0332, or by email at events@deanomusic.org. We’re
excited to partner with your church, school and camp ministries!