Dean-o’s Story

Dean-o in 1999

       A moment captured: the 2001 Soul Surfin’ tour

It began in 1997 and has spread across the U.S. with dynamic hit records, over 1,700 performances in 40 states and a Dove Award nomination for children’s album of the year.


During these events and performances, over 12,000 children have affirmed their faith in Christ at concerts, camps, chapels, VBS weeks and large crusades.

With a crystal-clear calling he received from the Lord at 15, Dean-o set on a course to work with youth and graduated from BIOLA “U” with a BS in Christian Ed. and a minor in Biblical Theology.  Dean-o is known for his energy and tenacity in reaching kids with the gospel, never forgetting he was a teen before hearing the good news of Jesus.

Married to his wife Karen, their greatest joy has been their three beautiful daughters — Jordan, Madison and Mackenzie.  Dean-o’s influences include his dad as a boyhood coach, his mother as a teacher of music & art, his youth Pastors and mentors who taught him the good news of Jesus, and the pop hits of the ’60’s, which led to the retro-rockin’ sound of Dean-o and the Dynamos! Dean-o considers his ministry an absolute gift from the Lord and a powerful tool to spread the gospel of Jesus through the dynamic gift of music.

The musical journey began with the production of live recordings in ’95 and ’96, followed by a shift to the studio for the 1st Dean-o and the Dynamos CD, YOU GOT IT ALL, recorded in the summer of ’97 and hailed as a “phenomenon” for kid’s Christian music. A “wave” of hits on SOUL SURFIN’ followed as Dean-o hit the road full-time in ’99, and in 2001, GOD CITY blazed an innovative musical trail to heaven with Dean-o’s 3rd CD. In 2003, family discussions following the events of 9/11 inspired the release of the powerful GAME FACE CD as Dean-o continued to perform and teach God’s Word nationally. In 2005, Dean-o felt the call to return to a dual role as children’s Pastor and musical evangelist, inspiring the recording and release of SALVATION SPEEDWAY in 2007 and SEEKERMANIA, Dean-o’s 6th CD, in 2010. And the story continues …

Next up:

It all came together in 2015 with the national introduction of Bible REPLAY Curriculum™
a 3rd–5th Grade Classroom Curriculum, Online Adventure, and Musical Encounter for Christian Schools and Home Educators. In 2017, the exciting national launch included a west coast performance tour, future recordings, and the worldwide promotion of Bible REPLAY!

So, if you’re a fan — hang on for a wild ride with Dean-o and the Dynamos, ’cause the surf’s up, the Word is alive, and the best is yet to come!